Subnautica: how to play Nitrox multiplayer mod

Subnautica is the Unknow Worlds Entertainment game focused on exploration and survival in hostile environments. Released for PC, with download via Steam, the game is originally for only one player and does not have official multiplayer mode. However, just install the mod Nitrox created by Sunrunner to be able to play with your friends. Check out the step by step tutorial how to install the multiplayer mod from Subnautica:

Tips for doing well in the game of Subnautica

Back up all your files and saves before installing the mod. Any installation of mods presents risks of generating incompatibilities in the system, since they are not official files of the developer, so proceed at your own risk. In addition, the mod is updated frequently and may still present minor performance bugs.

Step 1. In order to install the mod, first of all you need to have the Subnautica game bought, downloaded and installed on your Steam, since the mod was planned for that version. There is no point in playing Subnautica from external sources, so you need to have an official copy of the game on Valve's service;

The mod only works on official game copies

Step 2. With the game ready, you need to download the Nitrox mod. It can be obtained from several sources. We recommend downloading from the Nexusmods website. Click "Files" and then the button marked "Manual Download". On this and other sites, it is recommended to have a reliable antivirus before downloading the files;

The Nitrox mod needs to be downloaded from external sources

Step 3. Nexusmods requires an account to login and download the mod. To do this, click the "Sign Up" button, as shown in the image below, and then the orange button "Register Now" in the "Free" field, because it is there that you make a free subscription to the site;

Click sign up to make an account

Step 4. On the next page, do not check any of the checkboxes as they are used to make payments to the site. Instead, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and press the "Create Account" button;

Click on Create Account and do not check other boxes for free account

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Step 5. Now just fill in your username, email, password, password confirmation and gender, in that order. Also answer the mathematical equation that confirms your registration and protects the site from spammers, and then check the box indicating it is not a robot. At the end of the process, you will receive an email confirming the registration. Click the link in the email to have the access released to the site;

Fill in the registration on the site with your username and email

Step 6. With the registration ready and login done, go back to step 2 and download the Zip file with the multiplayer mod. Open the file from Windows or with a decompiler like WinRAR and double click on it in the Nitroxinstaller1.0.22 installer, as indicated in the image below;

Install the NitroxInstaller.exe executable

Step 7. Click "Next", check the text box accepting the installation terms and click "Next" again, select the folder where Subnautica is installed and click "Next". Finally, click "Install" and wait a few minutes until the process is complete;

Accept the installation terms of the mod Nitrox

Step 8. By still in its early stages of development, the mod will not work if you have other mods already installed for Subnautica. In addition, it is only possible to play with friends who also installed the Nitrox mod. With everything ready, open the game and click on the new Multiplayer option that will already be in the initial menu.

Installation takes a few minutes and should be done in the folder where the game was installed

In order to connect and play, enter the IP "", the default choice that is very reliable and stable. Alternatively, you can also create your own server, but you need to send your IP to another player. Your IP can be easily obtained from the What Is My IP site.

The multiplayer mod does not work if other mods are already installed

With both players connected, just play Subnautica normally, now with a friend by your side. It's still the same game, but now you and a friend can explore the alien seas together.

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