Tips for Getting Well on Teen Titans GO Figure

Teen Titans GO! Figure (Young Titans in Figures) is the new game of the cartoon Young Titans, sequel to Teeny Titans (The Mini Titans). Launched for Android and iOS, the game brings battles among collectible series dolls such as Robin, Ravenna, Stealth and Beast. Check out tips to get it right on the mobile game.

Young Titans: Meet the DC Hero Team Games

Spend everything on pictures

In Teen Titans GO! Figure, you do not need to save money when the goal is to complete the character list. Do not be afraid to spend your coins. Buy new dolls whenever you can to fill the catalog and have more variety at the time of combat. If you need more money, participate in battles and do the NPC side quests - you can also win dolls as a reward for the goals.

Spend all the money on the Teen Titans GO! Figure

Search all the corners of the city

There are many surprises waiting for you in the alleys of Jump City, from free coins to assorted figures. To find them, click on dumps and bright spots that you can find on the map. Talk to the characters with purple stars to unlock secondary missions. Check out also the stores, as each establishment has different dolls to sell.

Browse the town to get free items and money on Teen Titans GO! Figure

The map is full of coins that reappear over time. Between one mission and another, take different paths to collect extra money.

Get the egg free

In the upper left corner of the map, you will find the Riddler and his shop. All available items (eggs, paint and dolls) can only be purchased with real money, however, the first egg is free and guarantees four unique rewards such as figures, items and a good amount of money. Take the opportunity to increase your collection.

Grab the free egg to earn money and exclusive dolls on Teen Titans GO! Figure

Bet the mysterious boxes

In addition to the normal figures, some stores sell mysterious packages. In this case, the doll is drawn according to the rarity (and color) of the box. It's a risky bet, however, if you already have a sizable number of figures - five on the team and other reserves - this is a good opportunity to get rare characters or other versions.

Bet on the mysterious boxes to catch rare figures in Teen Titans GO! Figure

Use Team Skills

Character skills do not just work individually. The energy bar is shared between the team, that is, it does not clear when you switch figures in combat. With this, it is possible to take advantage of powers like the one of the Ciborgue, that accelerates the gain of energy or healing abilities, changing the character that is with little life.

Use the skills together in Teen Titans GO! Figure

Other figures, such as the Cat Beast, have blows that give a Tofu. This white cube also appears between one attack and another and offers a number of bonuses. To use it, click it once to raffle the effect and again to activate. Other puppets summon helpers who do a bit of damage between turns. The advantage is that these extra NPCs remain on the field even if you change the character.

Enjoy the team bonus

Characters from the same team receive different bonuses in combat. A team made up of Titans, for example, gets +5 hit points each. Take that advantage into account when composing your team. Variety is important and you also do not need to stick to it in the fights. However, an attack bonus can be the key to victory.

Ride teams thinking of the battle bonuses in Teen Titans GO! Figure

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