Using YouTube Music on your PC and Android or iPhone phone

YouTube Music is a music streaming platform launched in Brazil last Tuesday (25). Available in web version, on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices, Google's service comes to compete with Spotify and Deezer by offering streaming audio and video. Like its rivals, Music allows users to play back, create custom playlists, slavar songs to listen to later, and share music with friends in messengers, social networks, and via email.

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The platform offers subscription starting at $ 16.90 to remove advertisements between songs and release advanced features such as downloading content to listen offline. To help you understand how YouTube Music works, we've prepared a tutorial on how to use the service over the PC and the iPhone (iOS) and Android app.

Tutorial shows how to use the new music streaming service YouTube Music

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On the pc

Step 1. Access the service page and check out the suggestions and thematic playlists offered. Then click the "Hotlist" option on the top bar;

YouTube Music for PC home page

Step 2. The hotlist page displays the featured artists on the platform. Press "Library" to continue;

Tips from the hotlist tab of the YouTube Music online service

Step 3. The library tab displays recently played artists, personal playlists, saved albums, favorite songs, and artists. Select the "Search" option;

Personal library of a YouTube Music service profile

Step 4. Enter the name of an artist and tick the corresponding result;

Action to search for an artist on YouTube Music

Step 5. Click artist's description to visit the page and view songs and albums available;

Action to visit an artist's page on the YouTube Music streaming service

Step 6. The artist page lets you listen to songs in random mode and start a radio with group songs and related artists. To listen to one of the songs, click on the name of the song;

An artist's page on the YouTube Music streaming service

Step 7. Right-click on a song in the playlist to see options for sharing, add the track to a playlist, play the next track, add to the play queue, start the radio, open the artist page, and view the album where the track is;

Actions for a song in the YouTube Music streaming service

Step 8. To view the service settings, press your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen;

Path to access YouTube Music streaming service settings

Step 9. Just like on YouTube, the streaming service offers options for switching accounts, logging out of the account, checking the history of played songs, accessing settings, help, and feedback on usage. Select "Get access to Music Premium" to find out how the paid version of the service works;

YouTube Music streaming service options on PC

Step 10. To listen to the unrestricted service and advertisements between songs, simply subscribe to a premium plan. The first three months are free. After this period, the subscription fee will be charged.

YouTube Music streaming service premium version subscription screen

On Android or iPhone phone

Step 1. Download and Install YouTube Music. Open the app, select your Google account and tap the "OK" button. Then the service homepage will be displayed on the screen with suggestions from playlists, artists and bands. To search for an artist, touch the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen;

Action to login and launch the YouTube Music app search tool

Step 2. Enter the artist name and click on the corresponding result. To access the artist profile, click on the page description, as shown in the image below;

Action to fetch an artist from the YouTube Music streaming service app

Step 3. The artist page displays photos, bio and buttons for listening to songs in random mode or starting the radio with similar artists. To play a song, simply click on the name of a track. At this point, the service player will display the album art, the name of the song, and the artist. To view play options, tap the three-dot icon next to the song name;

Actions to listen to music and view play options for the YouTube Music app

Step 4. Playback options have features for adding the track to personal playlists, sharing options, downloading music for offline listening (exclusive to premium users), opening the artist radio, and viewing other songs from the same album . Still in the player, touch the arrow icon in the lower right corner of the screen;

YouTube Music streaming service playback options

Step 5. The playlist is displayed showing the tracks that will be played in the sequence. To close the list, tap the arrow icon in the upper left corner. Tap the "Hotlist" button on the bottom bar to continue;

Playlist and action to view artists on YouTube Music

Step 6. The Hotlist page features featured artists on the platform and their featured videos. The "Library" tab displays recently played tracks, playlists, and favorite songs. Touch your avatar to view the app's options;

Pages with artists on the go and library of the YouTube Music service

Step 7. The user account screen displays the play history, offers the option to switch accounts, settings, help, and usage feedback. Touch the "Subscribe to Music premium" option to find out how the service subscription works.

YouTube Music streaming service application and subscription screen

Take the hint to listen to your favorite songs and meet new artists using YouTube Music on your PC and mobile.

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