What is Spotify's Stranger Things mode? Learn how to activate

Spotify has a "hidden" filter that takes the application to the "Inverted World" of the Netflix Stranger Things series. When playing the soundtrack of the first or second seasons of the series, the player takes on a dark aspect, with the cosmic dust of Demogorgon's land floating on the screen. In addition, the player icon turns into a flashlight, which illuminates the cover of the album - the promotional poster of the attraction.

The feature was released on the occasion of the series' second season premiere in 2017, in a time close to Halloween, and only works with songs that are part of the soundtrack of the show. The feature is available in the streaming app for Android and iPhone (iOS). In web and desktop versions, it only appears to some people. Another interactive option announced by the partnership was the test to know which character in the series the Spotify user looked like. A link from the service analyzed the musical habits and displayed a playlist of the character with the closest tastes as a suggestion. This feature has already been removed from the air.

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Inverted "Netflix success

As it was a temporary action in support of production, the mysterious interface should also be deactivated soon, but without a date defined so far. To take advantage of the dark look, here's how to activate Spotify's Stranger Things mode.

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Step 1. On the "Your Library" tab, touch the gear icon in the upper right corner. Then go to "Playback";

Access Spotify settings to activate Stranger Things Mode

Step 2. Activate the "Stranger Things Mode" option;

Turn on Stranger Things Mode in the Spotify application

Step 3. Look for the series soundtrack in the search field displayed by clicking "Search" in the bottom bar of the app. Click the track of your choice, and then play the song in full screen by touching the song name.


Ready. Take the hint to leave the app with the look of the Netflix series Stranger Things series.

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