What is Yammer? Get to know Microsoft's social network for work

Yammer is a social network for companies that was purchased by Microsoft in 2012 and has since been receiving numerous updates. The program, which is also targeted at students, is available in web version, for Android phones, iPhone (iOS) and Windows Phone and for Mac and Windows computers. In addition, the tool comes with the Office 365 package and can be used in the application launcher.

Its interface is simple and similar to other social networks already known, such as Facebook. Users can post posts, enjoy publications from coworkers, reply to them, or even share them. There is also the possibility of creating closed groups, with the option to separate the teams and talk about more specific topics.

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Yammer is Microsoft's corporate social network

The platform already has millions of users worldwide, including companies that have offices in different locations and use Yammer to control their teams and know everything that is happening. That's why Microsoft has been investing more and more in the network, bringing new features, such as: GIFs, which can be sent in both posts and in individual conversations through chat; announcements, which includes features for posting by group administrators, such as agendas; and praise that team bosses can do for an employee or the entire team.

Yammer competes with software such as IBM Connections; Slack, which despite being a messaging-only platform, also has the ability to create groups, send images and tanned; and even Facebook's Workplace.

Registration on the social network is free, but it is necessary to use corporate emails (or universities, in the case of students). On the computer, there are two ways to download: by purchasing the Office 365 package or by downloading it directly from the official Microsoft Office website. Here's the first step to getting started with social networking.

Yammer is available in web version and as apps for mobile and computer

Step 1. Go to the official Microsoft Office website and download Office 365. If you do not want to buy the package and your company already has network access, click the "Sign up for free" button and fill in your corporate email or academic;

Yammer is a social network aimed at companies and students

Step 2. You will receive a link to activate your account by email. Click on it and enter your data;

Only corporate or university emails can be used to join Yammer

Step 3. Tell which people you work with.

To be part of Yammer you need to be in the company group and select the people on your team

Step 4. Now is the time to join the groups to use the platform. Yammer displays some group options according to your corporate email.

Several groups in Yammer appear according to your corporate email so you can join

Step 5. If you want to download the platform on your computer, go back to the official website, go down the page and click on "Download the application".

To download Yammer, just go to the official Microsoft Office website

Step 5. After running it on your computer, just log in with your account. Remember that to use Yammer on your computer, your account must be the same as Office 365.

The Yamme interface is simple and intuitive, similar to other social networks

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