World Chef: how to play the mobile restaurant game

World Chef is Social Point's restaurant game that is available for Android and iPhone (iOS). In the game, players aim to reopen their grandfather's old restaurant, with exotic recipes, themed decorations and special ingredients. Want to become a successful chef? Then learn the basics to start this addictive game.

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Prepare the food

Step 1. Before customers arrive hungry at your restaurant, prepare the food. To do this, click on the helper station or chef and drag the plate to begin the preparation. The recipe will be ready in a few minutes. Then click on the food to store it in the inventory;

Prepare the food to have what you serve in the World Chef restaurant

Record orders

Step 2. Every time a customer walks into the restaurant, an icon will appear on your desk. Click on it to view the orders. A green colored sign indicates that the food is ready to be served;

See the request of customers in World Chef

Serve the dishes

Step 3. To serve, click once more on the table and drag the plate;

Drag the dishes to serve the table in World Chef

Get paid

Step 4. After the meal, customers are ready to leave. Do not forget to click the currency icon to get paid;

Click the coin icon to receive your money in World Chef

Buy more ingredients

Step 5. Ingredients are needed to prepare more dishes and special recipes. To buy more, go to the left corner of the screen, in the market. Use the money you earned from customers to replenish restaurant ingredients and continue serving customers;

Have you run out of ingredients? Buy more at the World Chef Market

Add tables and decorations

Step 6. To get more customers you need to have more tables. Press the cash register icon to buy more tables and decorations for your restaurant. Items are separated by themes and categories;

Add more exclusive tables and decorations at the cash register

Hire more chefs

Step 7. Variety is important to attract new customers. Or if you have a themed restaurant. At the cash register there is a menu with chefs (and helpers) specializing in certain types of cuisine. You can hire them to the restaurant using cash or gems;

Hire other chefs to work at your restaurant at World Chef

Grab the achievement bonuses

Step 8. With each full order, the player increases his chef level and completes achievements. To unlock more items, go to the achievements menu to pick up your gem and experience awards.

Complete World Chef missions to win achievement prizes

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