Bug in Chrome lets hacker 'control mouse'; see how to protect yourself

Google has released an update for Chrome that fixes a security flaw in the browser. The bug can allow remote code injection and hijack the mouse cursor to force clicks on malicious links on the web. Chrome version 67.0.3396.79, which brings the solution to the problem, is already available on Windows, MacOS and Linux and is treated with high priority. Here's how to update your browser in the following tutorial.

The vulnerability was discovered by independent researchers and reported to Google. The company has decided to keep secret the mechanism that causes the error to ward off the attention of hackers. There are still no reports that the flaw has been exploited by criminals. More information should only be released after users are protected, so it is important to apply the update as soon as possible.

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Vulnerability discovered in Chrome resolves with update

Step 1. Go to the main Chrome menu in the upper right corner of the screen and locate the "About Google Chrome" option in the "Help" item.

Go to the menu About Google Chrome

Step 2. The browser will inform the screen if an update is available. The download is done in the background, but the application of the package requires a manual reset of the program. Then, select "Restart."

Get the update and restart to apply

Step 3. Back to the "About Google Chrome" screen, the browser tells you if the update has been successfully applied.

Chrome Version 67.0.3396.79 Brings Correction for Security Failure

You can get the corrected version of Chrome also through a new download from the browser on the official website.

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