Check out codes and cheats for Subnautica

Subnautica, the exploration and survival game on the seabed, has support for cheats. They are able to change the gameplay, enable the creation of items instantly, activate events and teleport players on the map. Check out the list of commands for PC, Mac and Xbox One and see how to use them.

Subnautica codes are actually commands to the game console. By default, this option is disabled in the menu and you must activate it to be able to enter the cheats. Here's how:

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Check out codes and cheats for Subnautica

How to enable commands for the console

Step 1. On the computer, press F3 on the keyboard to open a menu;

Xbox one

If you're playing on Xbox One, just take a step to activate the game console. Hold the LB + RB + A buttons and you will open a screen with DevConsole. Enter the code and press the Menu button on the control.

Press F3 to open a new menu in Subnautica

Step 2. You will notice that you can not move the mouse. Then press F8 on the keyboard to access the cursor again;

Step 3. Uncheck the "Disable Console" box in the menu on the left;

Console "in Subnautica

Step 4. Click Enter to open a text box. Enter the code you want to enter into the game and press Enter again to confirm.

Check out, below, the best cheats for Subnautica.

Enter the Subnautica code in the text box and click Enter.

item [Name] [Quantity]: Generates an item in specific quantity

Check out the complete list with the name of the items in the Subnautica Wiki.

  • oxygen : Infinite supply of oxygen
  • radiation: Disables radiation
  • nodamage: You receive no damage
  • fastbuild: Speed ​​up build time
  • nocost: Construction without cost of material
  • madloot: Free items and tools
  • biome [Name] : Teleport to designated location
  • daynightspeed [Number]: Changes the cycle speed by day and night
  • day: Change the time to day
  • night: Change the time to night
  • spawn seamoth: Generates a submarine (seamoth)
  • spawn exosuit: Generates an exosuit
  • sub cyclops: Generates a submarine (cyclops) in front of the player
  • sub aurora: Generates the Aurora spacecraft in front of the player
  • unlockdoors: Opens all Aurora doors and aliens bases

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