Check out tips to do well in Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage 2 Revolution is the version of the famous MMORPG for Android and iOS. With excellent graphics and adapted gameplay, the game brings the adventure from PC to mobile, where you can create your character and train him to compete in arena fights. To get started, check out tips that set you up for beginners:

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Classes to start

The class will depend on your favorite fighting style. However, there are easier options for beginners or players who are focused on PVP.

Check out tips to do well in Lineage 2 Revolution

The Paladin (Human) is one of the most balanced classes in status and in PVP and PVE. If your objective is to "level" level quickly, Eagle Eye (Human) and Silver Patrol (Elfa) are great choices for the PVE, as they bet on combining speed with ranged attack.

For support we have the Elder of Shillien (Black Elf) and Wise (Dwarf), but if the intention is to cause the highest amount of damage per second, Black-footed Dance is the right choice. If your game is group control, stay with the Spellcaster (Elfa). Despite the low defense, the. of the Plains (Elfa) is efficient to cause critical damage with agility in PVP.

Enjoy the rewards

Lineage 2 Revolution is full of bonuses and prizes for activities, especially for beginners. Periodically check the events of the game to get the free items of the Recession Reward and Login Reward. Complete the objectives of the Journey Event and you will receive Adena, diamonds and even rarer chests.

Get the daily free items in Lineage 2 Revolution

Keep an eye on the Achievements menu under the Challenge tab, as your feats are rewarded with items, experience, and Adena. And do not forget to enjoy any gratuity. The Store offers, every ten minutes, three free equipment boxes, random from grid C to A, in the Friendship Points menu. Do not forget to open the "News" and "Account" tab next to your Mailbox to pick up the welcome gift and event items.

Lineage 2 Revolution has rewards for time and performance

Guade your Adenas

Avoid spending your Adenas at the beginning of the game and save them to the higher levels. Just use them to buy only essential items in the Store, like Consumables. Going forward, you'll need Adena and diamonds to fortify equipment and or get S and SR grade items.

Save the Adenas to spend at higher levels in Lineage 2 Revolution

Connect with Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, go to the "Settings" tab and then "Account" of Lineage 2 Revolution and enter your social network login and password to win 300 diamonds. Aside from securing free items, you'll also be saving your progress. This allows you to make a transfer to another mobile device, be it Android or iPhone.

Enter your Facebook account in Lineage 2 Revolution and win 300 diamonds

Use auto-combat

Spending hours training can be very tedious, so automatic mode is your best ally to gain experience more effectively, especially if you can not stay up all the time controlling the game on your phone. Use it in the areas and levels indicated by the topic below.

Customize Battle Settings in Lineage 2 Revolution

In "Battle", in the "Settings" menu, there are options to customize the combat, including the actions performed in the automatic mode. Customization is at your discretion, but it is important to define the degree of use of the potions, PV value of the automatic healing, range of the attack, and whether the character should avoid battles against elite or stronger monsters.

Places for "farmar" level

During the first 14 levels, use the main quests to gain experience, along with the bonuses offered by the game. From there, use the automatic combat mode to fight Red Foxes on the Western Talking Island to level 24. Make the Tower of Insolence and the daily and weekly missions if you need an extra experience.

Kill monsters 1 to 2 levels above yours in Lineage 2 Revolution

Then head to Glugin Road and kill Malevolent Skeletons. When you reach level 30, start the Elite Dungeon challenges to level 50. From level 54 onwards, return to the main quests to release new Dungeons and then head to the Dion Plain to face Orcs and Lizardmen. If you want to pass level 100, search for groups and continue the dungeon challenges.

Use Clan's Advantages

Clans offer many advantages to their members, starting with special prizes, differentiated items in the clan shop, quests, and a host of rewards for activities. You can join a clan from level 10 and enjoy the bonus experience.

Clans offer experience and player benefits in Lineage 2 Revolution

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