Chrome English Translator: See how to use the LanguageTool extension

LanguageTool is a free extension for Chrome that checks and corrects English texts. The function is useful for those who are learning the language and want to avoid misspellings. Once installed, the broker works seamlessly with the text field of any site, highlighting words that may be wrong with suggestions for correction.

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In the following tutorial, learn how to install and use the LanguageTool extension in Chrome. The procedure was performed in the browser version for macOS, but the tips are also valid for users of Windows PCs.

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Step 1. Access the LanguageTool extension download page. Press the "Use in Chrome" button and confirm the installation in "Add extension";

Install the extension on your computer

Step 2. After installing the extension, a privacy alert will be displayed on the screen. Press the "Ok, I understood" button to close;

Privacy Notice is displayed

Step 3. From now on, whenever you write an English text, the LanguageTool extension will automatically scan the text by highlighting the wrong words. The tool underlines in yellow term inappropriate under context, and in red marks those with incorrect spelling;

Extension underlines the wrong words

Step 4. Click on a word to see the correction suggestions. You can choose the correct word by clicking on it or add the term to your personal dictionary;

Correcting a specific word

Step 5. Click on the number of errors in the lower right corner of the text field to see a list with all errors and correction suggestions. From there, you can also change the language, which by default is set to US English.

Viewing list of wrong words

Ready! Take advantage of the tips for correctly writing English texts in Chrome with the LanguageTool extension.

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