FIFA 18 World Cup: how to get legendary players

FIFA 18 has received the update of the World Cup to download on Xbox One, PS4, PC (download via Origin) and Nintendo Switch, where it is possible to play an alternative version of Ultimate Team. One of the new features is the possibility to exchange 11 players for one of the 17 Icons, the legendary athletes of the game. Check out the tutorial and learn how to strengthen your team with past stars.

FIFA 18: check out tips to do well in World Cup mode

Step 1. In the FIFA World Cup Mode menu 18, select the Squad Building Challenges;

Go to the Elencos Mounting Challenges of the FIFA World Cup 18 mode

Step 2. Go to the "Icons" tab and choose the upgrade;

Choose icon upgrades in FIFA World Cup mode 18

Step 3. To achieve a guaranteed icon, it will be necessary to deliver a team with the formation and general level indicated by the game. Note that these requirements can be changed in new versions of the challenge;

Add players to exchange for a FIFA World Cup mode icon 18

Step 4. Click on the empty spaces to add players from those positions. It is possible to use filters to find athletes of certain confederations and selections, to facilitate assembly;

Use filters to add players in FIFA World Cup mode 18

Step 5. Note that all players used in this challenge will disappear completely from your team. Try to use repeated players or those you do not plan to use on your team. Even Repeated icons can be delivered;

Build a team within the features requested by the challenge in FIFA World Cup mode 18

Step 6. When finished, press Start and click on the green button to change the 11 players for an Icon;

Click to change the team for a FIFA World Cup Mode Icon 18

Step 7. After that go to the package window of the FIFA World Cup 18 mode to open your new Icon. You can retake the challenges as many times as you want as long as you have players with the required qualities.

Then just send it to your team and enjoy their skills.

Open your Icon pack in FIFA World Cup mode 18

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