Google Forms: what is and how to use the online forms app

Google Forms is a free service for creating online forms. In it, you can produce multiple-choice searches, do discursive questions, request numerical-scale evaluations, and more. The tool is ideal for anyone who needs to request feedback on something, organize event registrations, invitations or ask for reviews.

In the following tutorial, learn how to use Google Forms to create quizzes and track responses. It is worth mentioning that the operation of the service is totally online, that is, the tool is compatible with any browser and operating system. Data is saved to your Google account.

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Google Forms

Step 1. Access the Google Forms website and move the mouse to the "+" button in the lower right corner of the screen. Then click on the button that appears just above;

Creating new form

Step 2. You can choose a template from the gallery or select "Blank" to create a new form;

Select a template

Step 3. Start by giving a name to the form, title and description. The latter can be seen by other people;

Editing form information

Step 4. The first question is added automatically. By default, it is a multiple-choice type. You can change it by clicking on it and choosing the desired option;

Select the type of question

Step 5. Now enter your question and add the answer options. You can check the required option to prevent the form from being sent without the answer to the current question;

Write questions and answers

Step 6. In the button bar on the right, you can click "+" to add a new question, insert texts, images, YouTube videos or sections (pages);

Adding new questions and other elements

Step 7. After adding the desired questions and sections, return to the top of the page. From there, in the upper right corner, you can apply a theme to the form, preview it, or access the options. After making the adjustments, select "Send";

Click Submit to publish the form

Step 8. The form can be sent by email, have the link copied or embedded in web pages. To do this, use the tabs at the top of the screen.

Form may be disclosed in several ways

Tracking responses

Step 1. Go back to Google Forms and open the form you created;

Open the form you created

Step 2. Now go to the Answers tab. From there, you can see the summarized or individual answers for each question. If you'd like to see them together, check the green Google Sheets icon to generate a spreadsheet. Already to deactivate the form, turn off the option "Accepting answers".

Viewing Answers

Ready! Take advantage of the tips for creating forms online with the help of Google Forms.

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