How to buy and change clothes in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey, adventure game and platform of the Nintendo Switch, brings a new system that allows to change the standard clothing of Mario throughout the campaign. From specific locations and with two types of money, the player can customize the hero in a way never before seen, making combinations of clothes and hats. This type of change is initially cosmetic, but can help unlock passages and even moons during the match. Know how:

Super Mario Odyssey promises to be one of the best games of the franchise

Stores and the differences

Mario can only buy clothes in stores. Rare are the exceptions in which he obtains new clothes elsewhere in the stages or through Amiibos dolls - in this case, they are secret and not all of them have been discovered.

In this place Mario can buy clothes in Odyssey

To buy the costumes, find in the stage a shop with the items displayed in the image above. Generally, a pile of hats, plaque on the floor and a sign that says "Crazy Cap" in the colors yellow and purple. Enter the door to access the property.

Yellow and purple salesmen

Inside the store, the yellow and purple vendors are different and have different goods. The yellow accepts only payments in gold coins, which are obtained anywhere in the phases. Purple, on the other hand, only receives payments on the coins of its color - these, in turn, collected in certain places of the levels, in addition to being limited.

There are two types of sellers in Super Mario Odyssey

Because of this, the robes of the purple shop are usually more expensive. Try to visit these establishments when you have from 25 of this coin to at least buy a pair of this type. These are the ones that usually open paths - in the water phase, for example, you need to be dressed as a diver to collect a secret moon.

How to buy new clothes

When you access one of the stores, follow the steps:

Step 1. Choose your salesperson and speak when you press the "A" button;

How to buy clothes in Super Mario Odyssey

Step 2. Select the piece of clothing you want to buy and choose the "Buy" option;

How to buy clothes in Super Mario Odyssey

How to change clothes

The clothes can be changed inside the store itself, in the closet available. Get close to the location and press the "A" button. Then choose the part you want.

How to change clothes in Super Mario Odyssey

If you're not in a store, or if you're away from one, you can also change into Odyssey, the ship that Mario uses to move between worlds. Enter the location, go to the closet and select with the "A" button.

How to change clothes in Super Mario Odyssey

Then just choose your two costume pieces - body and hat - to confirm and perform the exchange.

How to change clothes in Super Mario Odyssey

The change of dress will be immediate and displayed just after leaving the closet screen.

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