How to pay the IPVA 2019 through the Itaú application

Paying the IPVA 2019 over the cell phone is now possible for Itaú customers through the official application on Android and iPhone (iOS) smartphones. The new feature facilitates the transaction and users of the bank now have a specific tab for payments from Detran, which offers the registration of the vehicle and the settlement of the tax via the Internet. The debit can be made in full or in installments, with digital proof available on time. For now, the functionality is only available for the state of São Paulo.

The novelty is useful, since it facilitates the payment by the taxpayers. It is worth remembering that the Tax on Properties of Automotive Vehicles (IPVA) is applied every year to Brazilian owners of any type of vehicle. The fee is calculated from the purchase price of the car and the contribution is a requirement for the license of use. The revenue collected is divided between the state and municipal governments, as well as being focused on investments in health, education, safety, sanitation and so on. Here's how to use the feature to pay for the IPVA over the phone from the Itaú app, available free of charge for Google and Apple operating systems.

How to pay Itaú's credit card by mobile phone

How to pay the IPVA 2019 through the Itaú application

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Step 1. Install the application in Itaú on the cell phone through the page. Open the program and enter your Internet password to access. Then touch the "Transactions" menu;

Access the Itaú app transaction tab

Step 2. Look for the specific Detran tab and add a new vehicle. After including a car, motorcycle or other vehicle, select one of them to advance;

Access the Detran tab in the Itaú app and select a vehicle

Step 3. Next, go to the option "IPVA" and select the reference year that you want to pay. It is possible to remove current or old debits registered in the vehicle;

Select current or past IPVA debits to pay for the Itaú app

Step 4. With each payment, you can choose whether you want to pay out the cash amount or pay in installments. Check, in the following screen, the sum of the IPVA values ​​to be paid;

Pay IPVA cash or installment by mobile phone through the Itaú app

Step 5. Enter the card password to advance to the final payment screen. Review all information and, if all is correct, go to "Confirm payment";

Enter the card password and confirm payment in the Itaú app

Step 6. The payment receipt for the IPVA is issued by the application immediately. Tap "View details and send voucher" to open the receipt in full screen and share via email or other apps.

Itaú App issues the proof of the IPVA at the time

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