Instagram's most frequently used tags: discover popular tags and succeed

Discovering Instagram's most popular hashtags to increase blog visibility is easy with the All Hashtag site. The platform has several tools to discover the ideal hashtag for the caption of publications and, in addition, is free and does not require registration. Features include the list of most used hashtags in 2018 and different time periods, strength analysis of a hashtag and indication of tags according to keyword.

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In the following tutorial, it teaches you how to use all the free resources of the web platform. Check out the tips and be more assertive when inserting hashtags in your Instagram photos and videos.

Here's how to pump Instagram with free tool to find more popular hashtags

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Hashtags generator

Step 1. Enter All Hashtag. On the home page is the "Hashtags Generator" tool, which suggests the main tags according to the keyword entered by the user. Enter the desired term, select "top" and press the "Generate" button;

Hashtags generator for Instagram

Step 2. The All Hashtag will display the 30 most relevant hashtags based on the entered keyword. Press the "Copy Hashtags" button to copy all at once or select the ones you want and "Ctrl + C" to copy just a few. Select "More top hashtags" to see more hashtags that the site has found;

Selection of the 30 most relevant hashtags according to keyword made by All Hashtag

Step 3. Scroll down the page scroll bar. Note that there are three more fields: "Similar hashtags", which concentrates 30 hashtags similar to the entered keyword; "More similar hashtags", which has similar hashtags found beyond the limit of 30; and "Similar keywords, " in which you see keywords similar to the one you entered at the top of the page.

More All Hashtag Hashtags Generator Tools

Hashtags analyzer

Step 1. In the header of the site, click the "Analytics" option in the top bar. On the next page, type the hashtag you intend to use in Instagram and press the "Start Analytics" button;

Analysis tool for a hashtag to post to Instagram

Step 2. In the first section, the All Hashtag will provide three hashtag data: its position in the ranking, the number of times it was used and the number of similar words. In the example of "technology, " the term used in this tutorial, the term occupies the 6, 334 position of 91.6 million hashtags used, was employed 1, 640 times and has 80 similar words;

Hashtag usage statistics reviewed by All Hashtag

Step 3. Down the page you will see three more graphs. The first one shows how much your hashtag wins from the most popular hashtags in this category - in this example, the term "technology" is behind #instagood, #photooftheday, #fashion, #art, and #photography.

The second, called "Hashtags recomendation", indicates how much your hashtag is recommended compared to others in the category. Note that even "losing" to the most popular Instagram terms, the #technology tag is still 100% recommended by the site;

Popularity charts and hashtag recommendation according to your category of words

Step 4. The third and final chart shows the performance of your hashtag in relation to the most popular in the history of Instagram.

Compared hashtag comparison chart with most popular Instagram history

Top hashtags

Step 1. Go to the top of the page and press the "Charts" option to view the most popular hashtags according to the time period. The first tab shows the 100 most used hashtags on the day;

Top 100 most used hashtags on Instagram on the second All Hashtag

Step 2. You can also access the other tabs to view the 100 most used hashtags on Instagram in the last seven days, in the last month or all of the time;

Lists with most popular Instagram hashtags in different time periods

Step 3. At the bottom of the page, All Hashtag shows you the selection of the most popular hashtags used to get followers (follow hashtags) and tanned (like hashtags).

List of most popular Instagram hashtags to gain followers and likes

Creator of hashtags

Enter "Creator" to open the hashtags creator, a feature that inserts the # symbol in front of every word entered. The tool is useful for anyone who wants to create multiple hashtags, mainly from the mobile phone keypad - remembering that the site can be accessed by the mobile browser.

Just write the terms in the field to the left that they will appear with the # on the right. Then click "Copy hashtags" to copy the entire block and paste into the Instagram post.

Instagram # insertion tool in Instagram hashtags

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