How to consult the Income Tax Refund 2018

The Restitution of Personal Income Tax (IRPF) 2018 for the fourth lot began on Monday (17). The query to know if your payment was released is made on the website of the Federal Revenue Secretariat. The platform can be accessed on Windows, MacOS and Linux computers. In order to work, the browser - Google Chrome or Firefox, for example - must be enabled for cookies.

The fourth payment phase comprises residual refunds from 2008 to 2017. In other words, they refer to the reimbursement of taxpayers' contributions which, for example, have fallen into the fine mesh. The return of the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) began in June for those who delivered the declaration first and also for the priority public - elderly people, people with disabilities, among others.

See, in the following tutorial, how to consult the restitution of the Income Tax

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IRS website offers consultation service for the Income Tax Restitution 2018

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Step 1. Access the Personal Income Tax Return page on the Revenue website (// Then go to the "IRPF Refunds" menu;

Access IRPF's IRPF refund query tool

Step 2. Fill in the fields with the taxpayer's CPF, year of exercise and date of birth (only figures). Then, type the characters shown in the image and click "Query";

CPF Report and date to consult the IRPF 2018 refund on the IRS website

Step 3. If the site shows the message "In queue of restitution", the return of the tax paid more will only be carried out in future lots, that is, it is not yet available;

Revenue informs when IRPF refund is not yet available to the taxpayer

Step 4. When the refund is already available, the page shows the bank account information entered in the statement, and tells you if the amount is credited to the status "Refund Status".

Federal Revenue shows date and bank account in which IRPF 2018 refund was made

Ready. Take advantage of the tip, access the website of the Internal Revenue Service with your information and get details on the refund of the Individual Income Tax 2018.

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