How to disable voicemail from Hi

Oi offers voice mail service to customers of all plans, whether prepaid or postpaid. To access it, the user must call the number * 100. Your service provider informs you that all calls to the mailbox are charged. According to a survey released by Anatel in September, Oi has almost 39 million customers in the country.

Voicemail is disabled by default, but starts automatically after first access. To disable it, customers should call the number * 144 and select option 3, service-oriented. Another option is to disable functionality through My Hi, as you see in the following lines.

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My Oi disables telephone line services over the Internet

Step 1. Go to the My Hi site ( ) and click on "Enter" in the upper left corner.

Accessing the My Hi site

Step 2. Enter CPF and password. Then click on "Enter My Hi". If you do not have a registration, click on "Register now".

To access My Oi, you must have a CPF and password

Step 3. In the "My Products" section, located in the right corner of the screen, click the "Manage" option next to the number that will be modified.

My Hi site allows you to set up telephone line services over the Internet

Step 4. Click on the "Services" tab and then choose "Activation and Disabling Services".

My Oi Site Services Section allows you to enable and disable phone line functions

Step 5. Disable the "Basic Mailbox Package" option and end by clicking "Confirm".

Disabling Oi's Mailbox from My Hi site

Step 6. Finally, save the service protocol number provided by the site.

My Oi provides the site service protocol number

Via Oi (1 and 2) and Anatel

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