How to Find Homes and Apartments for Rent with the ZAP Rental App

ZAP Rent, ZAP Real Estate app exclusively for rental properties, is an interesting option for users looking for rental properties. The app is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) and has tools that promise to customize the search and help in finding the right property for each profile.

In the application, you can select a specific area on the map to search for houses, apartments, shops and other types of properties available for rent. Users still have the possibility to refine the search through price, number of rooms and size.

Check out the tips below to get the most out of the application. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 6S.

ZAP Rent allows you to search for real estate through categories

WhatsApp Beta puts Android users in front of the iPhone

Free Facebook registration

Although you do not need to sign in to search for properties in the app, some features like making ads and contacting advertisers require registration, which can be done simply with Facebook.

Step 1. When opening the application, click "Start Now". The program will show some main functions and then ask if you want to log in or continue. Click "Login."

User can login or not to view offers. Registration can be done with Facebook

Step 2. In this part, the user can only log in or perform a quick registration. If you do not have an account, click "Register". The fastest and simplest way to register is through Facebook. Go to "Register with Facebook".

Step 3. Now, just release the permissions for the application. In the open window, go to "Sign in with the Facebook application" and then click "Continue." Okay, after that you'll already have access to the ZAP Rental app.

Allow the app to use your Facebook account to sign in.

Search by categories

Step 1. To search for real estate through different categories, click on "Refine Search". If you want, you can refine the search by clicking on the search icon on the right side. On this page, some filters will be available. Click the text box and type the location of your preference.

In refine search, type the location where you want to search for real estate

Step 2. Then select the type of property of interest. You can choose between residential, commercial and even rural options, or display all leaving "All Properties" marked. In case of an apartment, check "Standard Apartment".

Select the type of property of your choice. Options range from commercial, residential and rural

Step 3. To filter the properties according to the price, click on "Price Range". The app will open a box with a few options. Check the minimum and maximum price according to your preferences.

Remember to mark, in the dialog box on the side, if the maximum amount should be assigned only to the rent and the value of the condominium together. We have selected that properties up to R $ 3, 500 already include the rate in this amount.

User can choose the maximum and minimum price of the properties to be displayed

Step 4. Then select the size, always in square meters, of the property that is right for you. Click "Area" and then set the maximum and minimum values.

In the buttons at the bottom, you can still choose how many rooms, suites and parking spaces you want. Just click on the desired number. At the end, click "Apply" for the app to show the results.

Set the ideal size of your apartment

View information and contact advertisers

ZAP Rent disposes the properties in the form of a timeline, displaying the results filtered with a main photo and some icons informing more details.

Step 1. To view more information, such as photos, price and property details - such as advertisers contact information - click on the property option of your interest. At the top of the page you will see the value of the condominium, IPTU and the number of rooms.

Results are displayed as a timeline. When you open, you can view more information

Step 2. Just slide down to read a brief description of the property made by the advertiser. You can still check the ad code and the real estate data - or who offers the property for rental. If you want, contact the advertiser directly with the "Call" button.

You can read a brief description and check the advertiser's data

Search by map

Step 1. To view all results obtained through the map, click "Map" at the top of the page. With this, it will be possible to check the layout of the real estate on the map and still check the proximity to bus stops, subway and leisure options.

ZAP Rent divides the results into clusters . To check each one, just click on the number - that indicates the number of properties of that locality.

Results can be displayed on a map

Step 2. The app still gives you the ability to draw on the map by selecting a specific location to display results. To do this, click the "Draw" icon in the lower right and then circle the map of your place of interest.

User can move a specific area of ​​the map to view available properties

Save filters and enable notifications

If the user has not found a property of their interest, the application gives the option to save the filters of the search and also to warn when a new option more profitable with those specifications appears.

Step 1. Click on the bell icon in the upper left to activate notifications of new properties. In the open window, choose a name for the alert and check the "I want to be warned" option. Choose whether the warnings will be daily or weekly, morning or afternoon.

Turn on notifications of new properties for your search

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