How to find SulAmérica Health Doctor by phone

The SulAmérica Saúde application allows doctors, clinics, hospitals and even laboratories to be found on the cell phone. Available for iPhone (iOS) and Android, the app gives access to the accredited health plan network quickly with the help of geographic location (GPS), so that the beneficiaries can make appointments close to home or work.

The resource is free and allows you to search by specialty, location, medical procedures or even by the name of the doctor. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to search the SulAmérica Saúde app. The tests were done on an iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 11.

See how to find doctors and clinics in the SulAmérica Saúde on mobile phone app

Finding medicines on sale with the SulAmérica Saúde app

How to login

Step 1. To start using the app you need to have a valid SulAmerica health plan. On the home screen, enter your CPF or log in with your wallet number. Press "Next". Then, enter your registered password and confirm on "Enter".

Log in to the SulAmérica Health app on mobile

Search by doctors and clinics

Step 1. From the application start screen, select the "Referenced Network" button. Then some search options will appear on the next screen.

Access the referenced network button of the SulAmérica Saúde app

Step 2. The "Medical Procedure" option will be highlighted at the top. It is used to look for clinical procedures like exams, for example. Just type and press "Search". The results will bring the specialties.

Search by medical procedure

Step 3. The item "Emergency Room" and "Hospital and Maternity" are similar in the search. When you touch one of them, a map will open with the places close to you. You can change the address using the top bar. Each orange dot corresponds to a service location available for your plan, and you can view specific information by selecting one of them.

Search for first aid and hospitals

Step 4. The item "Doctor, Clinic and Laboratory" is more suitable for finding day-to-day consultations. The user can filter by specialty or tap one of the items in the list.

Search by doctor, clinic and laboratory

Step 5. Next, a map with all the options will be opened. The user can change the address using the top search bar. When selecting one of the locations, complete information such as address, contact phone number, specialties and qualifications will be opened.

Finding more information about doctors in the SulAmérica Saúde app

Step 6. The "Day Hospital" is a unit specialized in short-term care with an intermediary character between the outpatient and the hospitalization. It also allows you to search by geolocation or customize the address in the top bar.

Search in Hospital Day on the App

Step 7. You can find a known doctor with the "By Name" option. Just write the name or surname of the professional and press "Search".

Search by name of the professional in the SulAmérica Saúde app

Step 8. All relevant professionals will be listed. By touching one of them, the user finds the same complete information with phone, address and specialties.

Finding more professional data by name in the app

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