How to Improve Wi-Fi Internet Signal Using a Pet Bottle

You can enhance the Wi-Fi signal using a pet bottle and foil. To have Internet in more rooms of the house, the ideal is to position the router in the center and highest point of the residence so that the waves propagate more efficiently. However, this is not always enough to solve the problem definitely.

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Before investing in a new router or handsets to amplify the signal, know that there are some inexpensive methods that can help improve the reach of the wireless network. One simple way is to use an aluminum can and another is to create a signal reflector from a pet bottle. Here's how to do this last method.

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Step 1. The first step is to separate the items you will need: a pet bottle, scissors, a water pen, a glue (liquid or stick) and foil;

Materials needed for this tutorial

Step 2. Remove the label, if any, and wash the bottle to avoid problems at the time of gluing;

Remove the label and clean the bottle.

Step 3. Using the water pen, make a circular line at the lower end of the bottle and draw another line up to half the diameter of the bottle, next to the opening. Then, connect the two ends of the diameter with the vertical lines to the bottom circle, as shown below;

Make the same lines in your bottle

Step 4. Take the scissors and cut the bottle following the lines drawn. Do this on a flat, firm surface, being careful not to cut yourself;

Cut the bottle following the drawn lines

Step 5. It's time to stick the foil in the pet bottle. Cut a piece of aluminum foil 15 cm wide and 30 cm long. Then glue the paper to the inside of the bottle, taking care not to create wrinkles;

Glue the foil in the bottle

Step 6. Take the lid of the bottle and make an "X" to discover the center. With the tip of the scissors or a drill, drill a hole with the same diameter as your router's antenna. When finished, screw the cap back on the bottle;

Drill a hole in the center of the bottle cap

Ready! Your signal reflector can already be used. Place the antenna into the hole in the cover and force the bottle down until the tip of the antenna is flush with the top of the reflector.

Wireless signal reflector positioned on the router

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