How to consult the Income Report at Banco do Brasil through the Internet

Banco do Brasil has already released the 2017 Income Report for this year's Income Tax return. The consultation is totally free and the user can print or save the PDF document on the computer, over the Internet.

Check out, in the next step, how to consult the income statement of your Banco do Brasil account with the PC. Remember that, for this, it is necessary to have access to Internet Banking - the registration of the password and the release must be made a bank branch.

Income Tax 2018: How to Download and Install the Statement Program

Access your account at Banco do Brasil

Step 1. On the Banco do Brasil website, click on "Access your account". Then enter your agency number, account and password;

Step 2. After accessing the account, click on "Current Account" on the left side of the screen;

Open the account menu on the Banco do Brasil website

Step 3. In the menu that opens, go to "Income" in the section "Income Tax Report";

Click on the item indicated on the website of Banco do Brasil

Step 4. The year 2017 is already selected by default. If necessary, choose another year in "Select Base Year";

If necessary, change to the desired year

Step 5. Finally, use the buttons in the upper right corner of the page to print or save the PDF document.

Print or save the yield report

Ready! With the document in hand, you can make your income tax return.

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