Android has advanced settings that avoid sluggishness and gagging; know how to use

Android phones feature a programmer mode that offers several features to modify and improve system performance. These include finalizing application activities and limiting processes running in the background. Both reduce the consumption of RAM, one of the most common causes for crashes and sluggishness of the cell phone.

The behavior of the apps remains practically unchanged. They will continue to send notifications as usual, but depending on the configuration, they will be finalized as if they had been closed one by one in the multitasking tab. In the following steps, learn how to access and enable these two tools to have a faster Android.

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Step 1. Open the Android apps tray and enter the "Configure" app. Scroll down to the "System" section and enter "Scheduler". If you are not viewing this option, follow the tutorial tips to enable developer mode.

Access to the Android Developer Menu

Step 2. Slide the screen to "Applications", the last section of the "Scheduler" menu, and activate the "Do not keep activities" tool. This will cause all the tasks in an application to shut down every time the user leaves the app, freeing up device memory.

Feature activation to delete apps activities on Android

Step 3. An alternative to improving Android performance, but keeping some activities stored in RAM, is to limit the amount of processes in the background. To do this, touch the "Process threshold in the background" option and choose the limit - in this example, Android will only be able to run up to three processes in the background.

Setting the process limit running in Android

Step 4. Note that the option already has the limit you set.

Android set to run at most three processes in the background

If you notice some behavior different from what you expected after activating the functions, try disconnecting them again, doing the reverse of the tutorial. In our tests, the cell was more stable after the procedure.

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