How to know if your Android phone is certified

Google has started blocking non-certified Android phones from accessing Google Play and apps like Gmail and Google Maps. The measure should affect mainly pirate models and clones that, according to Anatel, correspond to about 1 million units in Brazil. Uncertified smartphones indicate that the manufacturer has not followed the development standards imposed by Google for the operating system.

To find out if your phone is certified and you risk losing access to the Google Apps store and services, you have prepared a step-by-step tutorial to perform the verification. Check out the lines below.

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Step 1. Open Google Play on your mobile phone and go to the side menu. Then scroll to the end.

Visit the Google Play app side menu

Step 2. Touch "Settings". In the footer of the page that opens, look for the "Device Certification" field. Devices verified by Google and unrestricted to access the store are labeled "Certificate."

Go to Google Play settings and check if your device is certified

If your phone does not show certificate verification, the manufacturer has not complied with Google's development guide and is not authorized to provide access to Google Play. Therefore, the official store app can be blocked at any time.

How to obtain the certificate

Some devices that are certified but that use famous custom versions of Android, such as LineageOS (formerly CyanogenMod), may have no access to the Play Store and other Google services. However, unlike the others, these cell phones can be registered, regaining access after the procedure.

Google has provided a solution for those in this situation. So you just have to send the Android ID to the page, which can be obtained through an advanced Android Debug Bridge (ADB) command on your computer. This works only on certified smartphones, that is, with valid IDs.

Via XDA Developers

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