How To Learn English With Duolingo Tinycards

Duolingo has a service called Tinycards, which allows you to learn another language through cards. The user can study with the aid of photos and drawings, facilitating the memorization of words. On the platform, there are decks ready for viewing, but you can create your own cards. All features are completely free and free of advertisements.

Check out the next step in how to use Duolingo's Tinycards to learn English or other languages. The application runs directly from the browser and you do not have to download or install anything on your PC to access it.

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Learn how to use Duolingo's Tinycards to learn another language

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Step 1. Go to the Tinycards website ( and select "Sign up" in the upper right corner of the screen. If you already have an account in Duolingo, choose the option "enter with duolingo";

Create an account for free

Step 2. Enter your personal information (name and email) and create a password. Then click the "Sign Up" button;

Enter your personal information

Step 3. To find decks to study or people to follow, use the search field at the top of the screen;

Use search to find content to study

Step 4. In the results screen, use the "Decks" or "Celebrities" tabs to define what you plan to find. If you want to follow someone, click on the button to the right of the profile;

Following a person at Duolingo

Step 5. When accessing a language, you can study by clicking on the name of the deck. The "Save" function saves the deck in your library, accessible from the Tinycards home page;

Saving deck in your personal collection

Step 6. You can also create your own deck for studies. To do this, go to "Create" in the upper right corner of the page;

Click on the indicated button to create a deck

Step 7. Enter the title of the deck and a description. Fill in the letters below. You can use text, pictures or drawings. Use the "+" button to add new cards. Finally, "Create" to save your deck.

Creating a new deck

Ready! Enjoy the tips on how to use Tinycards to study and learn a new language at Duolingo.

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