How to make a birthday party in The Sims 4

A birthday party on The Sims 4, the EA game for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, is an event for friends and family to celebrate a new phase in Sim's life. The game has different types of party, such as black party and white, fantasy party, haunting party and home party. But to celebrate the growth of a Sim, the best option is a birthday party. To celebrate the date, you need to create a social event with invites, music, food and entertainment. Check out, in this tutorial, how to prepare a great party in the game.

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Prepare the party

First of all, prepare the party environment for the birthday boy and his guests. As with any event of this kind, people want to talk, eat and have fun. Put birthday decorations, game tables, music and objects that make the Sims interact. The items will also help you complete the goals that come up during the event.

How to make a birthday party on The Sims 4

Create the event

Step 1. On Sim's phone, click on "Plan a Social Event";

Plan a social event via mobile on The Sims 4

Step 2. From the list, choose "Birthday Party".

At events, select the birthday party on The Sims 4

The event is six hours long and costs 100 Simoleons to complete. The party can contain challenges, but the choice is optional, just uncheck the box to disable them. When meeting simple goals such as playing together or blowing out the candles, the Sims fill in a party score that determined the success of the date for the Sim and the participants.

A golden level party, fun and with satisfied people will leave the birthday party in a good mood and yield a new item of decoration.

Choose the guests and the venue

The next step is to decide who will be present on the big day. Select the birthday girl, the guests and, if you want, hire people to prepare food, drink and make presentations throughout the party. But, remember that these professionals need objects and stations to be able to work, such as tables, refrigerator and stove, bars and musical instruments.

In The Sims 4, invite friends and hire people to help you in the party.

The location of the event may be a community batch or the family home. Some lounges or bars already have almost all the necessary items for a party, which is already part of the organization. You'll also have access to Build Mode to add extra objects. If you have the Seasons expansion, consider the weather when it's time to bookmark a place. Avoid uncovered parks on rainy, stormy or snowy days.

Mount the party in a hall or at Sim's own house

Make the birthday cake

The cake can be prepared by an Ombudsman or by Sim himself.

Step 1. To make it yourself, click on the refrigerator and choose "Cooking";

Step 2. In the recipe list, select one of the baking cakes. Who owns the Digital Deluxe version of The Sims 4 still has three extra options for cooking - hamburger, white or chocolate cake;

Make the cake before the birthday party on The Sims 4

If you prefer, Sim can prepare the cake before the party to save inventory. Then place the cake on the table, click it and add candles to the candle.

Complete the objectives

Do the chores to fill in the social bar of your Sim's birthday party. A successful event will make the birthday happy and positive. When you reach the golden level, you will also unlock an exclusive party decoration item. Leave the main goal last, because by doing so, you are ending the event.

Complete the challenges to have a successful party in The Sims 4

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