How to organize Instagram Feed

UNUM is a free application that, among other features, helps organize the Instagram feed. The tool is useful for anyone who wants to publish the photos following a logical order to achieve a certain result, such as standardizing posts with custom frames or distributing images in rows or chess format. The app also lets you add borders to your photos to prevent images from sticking to the feed. This 'trick' is much used by celebrities to make the feed harmonious and aesthetically more beautiful.

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Check out the next step in how to plan the photos in your feed on Instagram and preview the results before sharing the images. The procedure was performed on an iPhone (iOS), but the tips are also valid for users of Android phones.

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Using borders in your photos

Step 1. Install the UNUM app and sign in with your Instagram account. Then select a blank space and touch "+" on the bottom bar. Select the photos you want to use and touch the "Done" button in the upper right corner of the screen;

Add the desired photos

Step 2. Now select a photo and touch the settings button at the bottom of the screen to the left of the bin icon;

Editing a photo in the UNUM app

Step 3. For the edges to be perfect, it is important to use square pictures. In this case, touch "Cut", select "Square" and confirm the crop of the image in "Apply" in the upper right corner;

Cut out photo in square format

Step 4. Returning to the previous screen, go to "Frames" and select the border of your preference. To save changes, touch "Apply" in the upper right corner of the screen;

Adding border to photo

Step 5. Then tap "OK", also in the upper right corner, to go back to the gallery and save edits to the image. Repeat the above procedure with all photos. See in the last step how to export the image for publication.

Save your changes and repeat the process on all photos

How to distribute photos in rows or chess

Step 1. To plan your feed with photos interspersed with phrases, select a blank and touch "+". Then select the messages and photos you want to use. Then tap "Done" in the upper right corner;

Add images with phrases

Step 2. Images will be added in the order in which you selected them. To distribute the pictures in lines or chess, hold the image and drag to the desired position.

Organizing photos in lines or chess

Step 3. After planning your photos in the UNUM app, you must publish the pictures in the order you set them. To do this, select the first photo and touch the sharing button. Finally, touch "Post to Instagram" to share the image on the social network. Repeat the procedure with the other pictures.

Posting photo on Instagram

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