How to Use World Cup 2018 Masks in Messenger

Facebook Messenger entered the climate of the 2018 World Cup by providing themed masks with the colors of the tournament selections. Available on iPhone (iOS) and Android devices, the feature can be accessed by the camera of Messenger Day or by sending images from a chat. The end result is pictures with your heart team.

Check below the steps to access the virtual masks of the Russian World Cup in Messenger. The procedure was performed on iPhone 7 by running the iOS 11 system.

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On chat

Step 1. In a chat, touch the camera icon. Then select the ball icon to access the special masks for the World Cup.

Access to Facebook World Cup masks

Step 2. At this point, touch the flag of a country to access the masks with the colors of the selection. Use the cell phone selfie camera to focus on your face. After viewing the mask, touch the screen to change the style of the drawing.

Special masks for the 2018 World Cup

Step 3. After setting the type of mask you want to use, touch the ball icon to produce a photo. Once this is done, simply send the image to the contact by touching the arrow icon, located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Action to make a photo using one of Facebook's World Cup masks Messenger

Messenger Day

Step 1. On the Messenger home screen, touch the camera icon. Then touch the soccer ball icon.

Action to open the camera in the Messenger Day function

Step 2. Touch one of the flags to enable a masks with the selection colors. Position your face in front of the camera and touch the screen to change the type of mask.

User must choose favorite country's flag

Step 3. Tap the ball icon to hit the photo. Then go to the arrow icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Mask with Selection colors

Step 4. If you want to download the image to the gallery on your phone, select "Camera Roll". At the bottom of the screen are also options to send the image to friends. To make a story with the picture, select "Your story" and touch "Send".

Action to create a Facebook Messenger story with a masked photo of a World Cup selection

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