How to use the Xiaomi Mi A2 Portrait Mode

The Xiaomi Mi A2 features a dual set of rear cameras that can take deep shots - the famous "Portrait Mode". In this type of capture, the subject or person in the foreground is highlighted, while the background of the image is blurred by the camera, giving a more professional and dramatic appearance to the photo.

In addition to the feature in the rear cameras, the Mi A2 also offers the effect on the front camera. Check out, in the tutorial below, how to use the feature and explore the maximum of Portrait Mode on the Xiaomi device.

Effect made famous on the iPhone and now makes success on other smartphones

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Step 1. Access the camera on your smartphone. Then switch to the front or rear camera as you like, and touch the "Portrait" option to access the depth effect.

First, open the camera and choose whether you will take the picture with the front or back lens

Step 2. Once in Portrait mode, properly frame the person or object to be captured so that it is no more than two meters away from the camera. Then touch the image of the object to focus on it.

Now frame the scene and focus on the object.

Step 3. You are ready to take your picture when the device displays the "Depth Effect" warning. Touch the shutter button and check the result.

The on-screen warning confirms that the device will apply the effect correctly

Ready! Now you know everything you need to use portrait mode on your Xiaomi Mi A2.

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