How to watch the debate for governor on Globo live and online

The Globo debate among the candidates for governor of all states and the Federal District will be broadcast live and online by Globoplay on Tuesday (2). The 2018 Election special schedule begins at 10:05 pm on TV, after the soap opera "Segundo Sol", and can also be seen on the Internet on PC or Android and iPhone (iOS) phones.

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To access Globoplay, simply make a quick registration or access the platform with a Facebook, Google or account. To find out the proposals and candidates for the position of governor of your state in today's debate, check out the step by step below.

Learn how to watch the GloboNet debate with candidates for the state government by Globoplay

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To watch by PC

Step 1. Go to and place your mouse pointer over the "Videos" tab at the top of the page. Then click on "Globoplay";

Access the Globoplay through the PC web browser

Step 2. The service automatically identifies the state where you are and offers the region's programming - if necessary, you will see a pop-up window asking for authorization to access your location and you must click "Accept". Then click on the "Play" icon in the middle of the screen;

Start live broadcast of the governor debate on Globoplay

Step 3. Make a quick registration with an email address, Facebook or Google account to effect the login;

Log in with a Globoplay account to watch the governor debate

Step 4. For this example, we use a Facebook account to access Globoplay. Just log in to the social network window and click the "Enter" button to start the live stream.

Use the Globoplay app with a Facebook account

Step 5. If you are already logged in to Globoplay on the home screen, click the red arrow in the lower right corner of the page and say "Now on the Globe" to watch live programming - in some cases the option may be "hidden" in the upper left side menu (three dashes).


To watch by cell phone

Step 1. Download and install the Globoplay app on your Android or iPhone phone. Touch the live programming indication. The app identifies which state you are currently in and offers the corresponding schedule - if necessary, you will see a pop-up asking for authorization to access your location and you must click "Accept". Then quickly register with an email address or tap the buttons to log in from a Facebook or Google account;

Log in and watch live programming from Globoplay

Step 2. Finish the access and wait until the live stream starts.

Log in with an account and watch the debate for your state governor on the mobile with Globoplay

Ready. Take the tip and remember to access the service at a time close to the beginning of the debate so that you do not lose any detail. The debate will also be broadcast live on the G1, according to the state of the users.

How to register other devices to watch Globoplay on Smart TV? Comment on the.

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