Instagram: how to share friends' posts in Stories

Instagram has released a new feature that can share feed posts directly in Stories. The feature works on Android or iPhone (iOS) phones and turns a photo or video of friends into a dynamic, resized, resized on-screen sticker plus the edits available in the app. Sharing of publications is also valid for company and brand profiles, as long as the account allows republishing.

If you do not want your posts published in friends' Stories, you can disable the feature in Instagram settings. In private profiles, the feature is inactive by default. See the following tutorial, how to send feed posts to your Stories on your phone.

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Step 1. Make sure the Instagram app is in the latest version - see how to upgrade. Then touch the paper airplane icon in a feed post to get the sharing menu. What's new is the "Add publication to your story" option. Click on it to open the Stories with the chosen content;

Send a post from the Instagram feed to Stories

Step 2. The image is positioned in the center of the screen as an adhesive. Touch it to change the look, with the addition of a white frame in reference to the original publication;

Change the look of the post sticker on Stories

Step 3. Move the sticker as you wish and use the tweezers command with your fingers to resize. Use the well-known Stories editing tools to comment on the post and post in the story. By touching the sticker, viewers will be taken directly to the original post.

Adjust size and position and insert new elements to the Instagram Stories post

Ready. Take advantage of the tips and share any feed post on your Instagram Stories.

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