iPhone: Sending your last location before the battery runs out

IPhone allows you to send the device's last location when you are about to hang up. As part of the tracking tools provided by iCloud, this feature is ideal for maintaining user and cell phone safety, especially in cases of theft and robbery.

The function, which is available for Brazilian models, automatically stores the coordinates of the smartphone in the iCloud account when the battery is running out. Learn how to enable the tool in the following tutorial. The step by step was performed on an iPhone 8 Plus with iOS 11.3.

How to automatically send your last iPhone location before the battery runs out

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Step 1. From the start screen, select "Settings, " and then tap the iCloud settings, labeled with the iPhone owner name.

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Step 2. Select your device - which can be "iPhone from 'username'" or a name chosen by the user - and then tap "Search for iPhone".

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Step 3. Activate the "Send Last Location" option, which automatically sends your iPhone's location to iCloud when the battery is at the end. To deactivate, just touch the key again.

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