Changing Messenger permission settings on Android

Through the Android settings, you can change the permission given to each item requested by Messenger. In recent days, amid controversy over the misuse of information about 50 million Facebook users, many people are not only deleting their accounts on the network, but also downloading the information that the platform collects on them. One such user, Dylan McKay, tweeted that the service has access to even incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

Here's how to limit data access to Messenger

Facebook case: social network accused of tracking messages on Android

In response to this finding, Facebook made a post on its official blog explaining that call history and text logging is part of an optional feature for people using Messenger or Facebook Lite on Android. In addition, the text states that the data is not sold, and the feature does not collect the contents of phone calls or text messages.

However, if you still want to view and / or change the permissions you grant to Messenger on Android, here's how to proceed:

Step 1. In your Android options menu, click "Configure". Then scroll the screen until you see the "Applications" item. Touch it.

Go to the Android Apps option

Step 2. Again, lower the screen. When you find "Messenger", tap on it to access the app information. Then just click "Permissions".

Step 3. Now, just touch the options you want to allow or deny that the application has access. If the key is blue, the access permission for the information corresponding to that item is enabled.

Turn off options that you do not want Messenger to have access to on Android

Before deactivating some permissions, it is worth pondering how important this access is to the use of the application. The microphone, for example, allows you to record voice messages; already the camera is fundamental to take photos or make videos through the app, as well as to carry out videoconferences. With regard to SMS, the request is made to send a confirmation message of the registered telephone.

However, if the user turns off a basic permission for the use of any feature, Messenger prompts for access again. It is worth remembering that the "problem" occurs only on devices with Android system, but if users of iOS devices also wish to perform the procedure, just check the tutorial "How to prevent iPhone apps access camera, microphone, photos and GPS", prepared by .

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