How to change or remove a Sim in The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, Electronic Arts' simulation game for PC (Origin), PS4 and Xbox One, families can move from home to start a new life in the neighborhood or in another city. The change is easy, but transferring only one Sim to another batch can be a bit confusing. So, here's how to change or dump a character in the game.

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How to Change a Sim Only

You can transfer a single Sim to another batch instead of changing the entire family. So when a teenager grows up, for example, he can seek independence in another home. What may confuse players at the time of the change is that the option is not available on the Sim's phone or computer, but rather in the "Manage Worlds" menu.

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Step 1. Click the Sim family you want to transfer;

Choose a family in The Sims 4

Step 2. In the lower right corner of the screen, you'll see a three-dot icon. Click on it and then on the "Manage Family / Group" option;

Open The Sims 4 Family Manager and Groups

Step 3. Click "Transfer Yes Between Families / Groups";

Click the arrows to transfer only one Sim to another batch in The Sims 4

Step 4. Click the "Create New Family / Group" icon. If you want to insert the Sim in an already occupied house, select a group from the menu below;

Create a new family or place Sim in an existing group on The Sims 4

Step 5. Move the Sim to the direct with the "Transfer Yes" arrow. Then press the icon to confirm and the Sim will be separated from the group;

Pass Sim to Direct and Save to Create a New Family in The Sims 4

Step 6. Finally, click on "Manage Families / Groups" at the top of the screen;

Go to the family manager and groups at the top of the screen in The Sims 4

Step 7. In the list, choose the Sim that will move and press the "Change Family / Group for a Lot" option. Now, just choose a location for your new home. You can buy the already decorated lot with furniture, but remember that the Sim starts with only 20 thousand Simoleons in mind.

Click on the Sim from the list and use the truck icon to make the change in The Sims 4

Changing a family

Step 1. On the map, select the family and click on the icon with three points;

Click the three-dot icon to open more options in The Sims 4

Step 2. Next, push the button of the truck to change the group;

Family / Group From Here "and choose a new home in The Sims 4

Step 3. Choose another batch and confirm the change. The available homes will be marked with a green margin, indicating that the Sims have enough money to buy - and perhaps even mobilize - the place.

By phone

Step 1. To move around by phone, click on the Sim's cell phone and then on "Change Family / Group". You can do the same for the computer;

In The Sims 4, you can also arrange the move over your Sim's cell phone

Step 2. Click on another batch to complete the change.

How to dump a Sim

You can also dump a group at once. The evicted families appear in the "Manage Families / Groups" menu of The Sims 4.

Step 1. Click the family / group and then the three-point icon;

To dump a family or group in The Sims 4, click the house icon with a xis

Step 2. Select "Clear" and confirm the action to remove the Sims.

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