iPhone does not ring? Learn how to solve

Problems on iPhone (iOS) when receiving calls can reach multiple users. Over time, it is quite common that Apple's cell phones have some defects, which, on some occasions, can be easily solved. TechTudo has separated five tips to address these shortcomings in the smartphone. It is worth noting that the tests were performed on an iPhone 8 with iOS 12.1, but the procedures are valid for most Apple cell phones. Check out the following lines.

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See how to solve the sound problem on iPhone

Do Not Disturb mode enabled?

Do Not Disturb may be among the possible causes of this problem. When enabled, the mobile phone stops sending notifications to users, both for messages and for calls. And so your smartphone stops ringing when you receive a call.

A simple solution to this is to disable or configure the function so that, even when enabled, the connections continue to function normally. For this, just follow the step by step below:

Step 1. Access the Control Center and press the "Do Not Disturb" option to deactivate it.

Access Control Center and disable Do Not Disturb Mode

Step 2. To configure the function to receive all connections even with the Do Not Disturb Mode on, open the "Settings" of the iPhone and select the "Do Not Disturb" option.

Step 3. Next, go to "Allow". In this, you can define who can make calls to your cell phone. Choose the "All" option so there are no restrictions while Do Not Disturb Mode is enabled.

Is iPhone in Silent?

A simple but often common mistake is to leave the iPhone in silent mode - thus preventing the ringing of calls and notifications from working. Unlike "Do Not Disturb", the connection is even made, but because it does not emit sound, users may end up not realizing when someone is calling.

To ensure that your smartphone is not a problem, turn off silent mode. On the left side of the iPhone, there is a small button related to this function, as shown in the image below. When you move it down, an orange band appears indicating that silent mode is active. Therefore, turn the button up by turning the function off.

iPhone with silent mode active

Is the volume at least?

If ringing still does not work after turning off silent mode, make sure the volume on your smartphone is not at a minimum. To solve this, just press the volume up button on the side of the iPhone. A message will appear on your screen, showing that the sound is increasing.

If you prefer, you can also increase the volume in the iPhone Control Center. To do this, just drag your finger up on the screen and then increase the volume icon.

Turn up the iPhone volume

Is Bluetooth connected?

When Bluetooth is on, the iPhone automatically connects to devices that are already paired with it. That way, if this happens on your smartphone, it is possible that the sound is set to go out on this device whose connection is active via Bluetooth.

So it's worth testing if your calls are still muted with Bluetooth turned off. If it works normally, this might be the iPhone problem. To turn Bluetooth off, simply disable it in Control Center.

Disable iPhone Bluetooth

Restart the iPhone and seek technical assistance

Finally, if none of the solutions above solve your problem, restart the iPhone for a final test. If, when the device is turned on again, the phone still does not emit any sound when receiving calls, it is best to seek expert assistance - preferably from Apple itself.

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iPhone does not come out sound? Here's how to solve the Apple cell phone problem.

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