Netflix showing advertising between the series? Here's how to disable tests

Netflix is ​​testing the display advertisements between the show episodes series. The commercials present other titles of the catalog of the service of streaming that correspond to the genre of the series that the user is watching. To date, the experiment is being conducted with a small percentage of customers in several countries, including Brazil. According to Netflix, these internal content ads may simply disappear over time if the test fails to get the company's expected results.

If advertisements are displayed on your Netflix, do not worry. Users have the power to choose whether or not to participate in platform testing. That way, if you consider intrusive ads, you just need to disable the experiment function so that the problem is resolved. Check it out as in the tutorial we prepare to follow.

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Step 1. Access Netflix from your computer and press your user photo in the upper right corner of the screen. Then go to "Account";

Action to access the settings for a Netflix user account

Step 2. Select the option "Participation in tests";

Action to access settings for participation in Netflix testing

Step 3. Click the selection key so that it is in the "Off" position. Once done, confirm the action in "Done".

Action to disable participation in Netflix testing

Ready. This will stop you from viewing the advertisements and will no longer participate in any other service testing.

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