See tips to get well in Frostpunk, survival game for PC

Frostpunk, the new release of the creators of This War of Mine, is a survival society game for download on PC (via Steam). In the game, the player has the difficult task of erecting and managing a city from scratch, in a scenario taken by the ice. That's why he has prepared ten tips for you to do well in the game, check out:

See Surviving Tips on This War of Mine

Use time in your favor

The option of advancing in time is a very useful function for building factories and other establishments, but it is a double-edged sword at work. Avoid using it during work hours so you do not lose control of resources or any requests from your residents. A small slip may end up causing a long-term problem.

Check out tips to do well in Frostpunk

The temperature keeps everything running

The cold is devastating and directly affects the productivity, because it causes people to become ill, lack of work and need specialized treatment. Use the "O" shortcut and monitor the temperature of your city. Make sure the houses are around the generator for more heat, and turn on the heaters of the buildings when needed.

The temperature keeps everything running in Frostpunk

Research technologies for resource collection

By building the Workshop you will have access to technologies to produce more in less time. One tip is to invest first in research for the collection of raw materials and labor, such as Faster gathering, Sawmill, Beacon, Coal mining, among others from the Resources tab.

Search for technologies for resource collection in Frostpunk

Your decisions have consequences

In Frostpunk, the city has indicators of discontent and hope, which appear in red and blue, respectively. Each action has a positive and negative consequence for people, which generates a number of external factors. The most striking are in the Book of Laws, where some test the limits of the human being. Do not be afraid to risk, but be careful not to sabotage yourself.

Your decisions have positive and negative consequences on Frostpunk

Bend the work shift if necessary

At the beginning of the game, you will need stock of resources to keep the generator running and to have enough food and shelter for future rescues. If necessary, use the Law Book to add an emergency shift or double the working hours. People will show discontent, but it is possible to reverse it with other positive actions.

Double the experienced work if necessary in Frostpunk

Beware of the promises

With the passing of days, black icons with yellow counters will appear in the city. They are requests from the residents that vary according to the current situation of the place. Usually, you have three options to choose from, one of which is the ability to ignore the problem.

Do not promise what you can not fulfill in Frostpunk

Review the request and do not promise what you can not do. The discontent that is caused by not fulfilling a task in the required time is much greater than simply ignoring it.

Increase the resource ceiling

Resource Depots are stations capable of storing a larger quantity of a given raw material. If you are close to reaching the limit of some material, build more deposits so you do not lose what the villagers are mining.

Do not use engineers to collect resources

You must have realized that the population is divided between workers and engineers. Even if you can put them in any function, do not waste their energy on manual labor.

Engineers should work on the Frostpunk Workshop

Use them in Workshops to unlock new technologies. Want to increase production? Then have multiple Workshops to speed up the search process. Another tip is to activate the Engineer Apprentice law that will allow children to work in these establishments.

Explore the map and send search teams

The only way to expand the workforce is through search teams. Use the Workshop to unlock the Beacon and send rescue crews to search for survivors and resources in other regions of the map. Exploring is paramount, mainly because some features can not be produced, just found, such as Steam Core .

Send search teams to rescue manpower in Frostpunk

Buildings have manual functions

As stated earlier, time management is important for several reasons and this is one of them. Not sure where to activate the heaters or 24h shift? Do not freak out. The confusion happens because most functions are manual and should be done directly in the buildings. Click on the generator or other establishment and you will see a lot of icons depending on the laws you have set for the city.

The buildings have several manual functions in Frostpunk

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