How to tell if your TV has DLNA to stream content from your phone or PC

DLNA technology allows you to stream content from your computer or cell to your TV using streaming over the Wi-Fi network. It is present in most devices - especially in newer ones - but there are TVs that do not have the capability.

Fortunately, the DLNA website (from the Digital Living Network Alliance) has a search engine for certified products. The online tool can be used by anyone who wants to know if their TV or smart TV has the technology, as well as who is choosing a model to buy. Here's how to use it in the following tutorial.

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Find out if your TV has DLNA wireless transmission technology

Step 1. Go to the DLNA website and click on "Product Search" at the top of the screen;

Link to search for certified products on the DLNA website

Step 2. Enter the model in the field indicated and press "Enter";

Inserting the TV model into the DLNA product finder

Step 3. If the TV is listed under "Certified products" (certified products), it has DLNA technology;

TV listed as DLNA certified product

Step 4. You can also use the tool to know which televisions a brand have DLNA before buying. To do this, click on the "Manufacturers" button and select the desired mark;

DLNA certified search engine brand selection

Step 5. Then click the "Type of products" button and check the "Television" box. Now just check the list on the right of all branded TV models that have DLNA technology.

Selection of product type to be searched for DLNA website tool

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