Selfie do Neymar: how to put the filter on Facebook profile photo

Neymar Junior, soccer star and main player of the Brazilian team, can be added as a theme in Facebook profile photos. With the filter, users can simulate a selfie with the ace to make their profile on the social network in the mood of the 2018 World Cup. The feature is ideal for fans of the striker show their admiration and cheer during the tournament world.

After choosing the theme, simply resize the image to fit the size of the assembly and activate it in the profile. To find out how to find, set up and activate the "Neymar JR Selfie" theme in your Facebook photo, follow the tutorial below.

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Step 1. Open Facebook and select your profile photo;

Action to access Facebook user profile to activate Neymar selfie filter

Step 2. Rest the mouse pointer over your current photo until the "Refresh profile photo" option appears. Then select it;

Action to open the screen for updating profile photo on Facebook

Step 3. In the window that opens, choose the "Add theme" option;

Action to view themes to use in Facebook profile photo

Step 4. Choose the "Neymar JR Selfie" theme in the left column to activate it in your profile photo. If the theme is not among the options, search it in the search bar in the upper left corner;

Action to select the selfie theme with Neymar in Facebook profile photo

Step 5. You can slide the white ball of the tool below the photo to increase or decrease its size in the photo. In addition, you can set a deadline for the subject to automatically exit the topic. Once you've made the settings, simply confirm them in "Use as profile photo".

Action to set the theme of Neymar in his profile photo on Facebook

Use the hint and cheer for our FIFA World Cup star.

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