Sony Xperia: How to use feature that extends battery life

In addition to being natural, the wear of batteries that equip cell phones and other electronics is inevitable. However, Sony's Xperia line models feature a feature that can slow down the battery charge - which promises to delay the major defects that the component has over time.

Called "Manage battery charge", the function takes up to four hours to complete a recharge, being more useful for those who carry the cell phone at night. In the following tutorial, see how to use the feature and keep your battery healthy for longer.

Feature is available on most Xperia models; see how to activate

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Step 1. Access your device settings and go to "Battery".

First, access the settings related to the battery

Step 2. On the next screen, select "Manage Battery Charge". The option is available if your Sony Xperia is compatible.

Accessing the Battery Settings - Sony Xperia

Step 3. Activate the "Manage Battery Charge" on the switch located on the right. On this screen, the feature also explains that for everything to work, the user must recharge your device at regular intervals. Otherwise, the smartphone itself will disable the function.

Enabling Manage Battery Charge - Xperia XA2 Ultra

Ready! After activating the feature, just leave the settings screen. From now on, your smartphone may require up to four hours to complete a recharge. However, the most common long-term damage to batteries, such as loss of capacity, should also be slow to appear.

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