Taking a picture of a video on your computer

Windows 10 has a native feature that lets you capture images from a video. Available in the video editor of the Microsoft Photos application, the function can be useful for transforming a frame from a photo recording. In addition, the tool makes it possible, in the absence of Premiere or another more robust program, editing professionals to extract important frames from an emergency shooting. See the tutorial on how to access the tool to convert a specific video clip to a JPG image file.

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Step 1. Open a video in Microsoft Photos. If the app is not your default video player, right click on the file and select the program from the "Open With" menu;

Open a video in Microsoft Photos or the Movies & TV app

Step 2. In the "Edit and create" menu, choose the "Save photos" option;

Access the image extraction function

Step 3. Move the progress bar to navigate to the specific point of the video where the photo will be taken. Use the arrows at the bottom to jump frame by frame until you find the ideal frame;

Select the frame of the video to be extracted

Step 4. In the upper right corner, select "Save Photo";

Save the frame as an image

Step 5. Name the image and save it to an easily accessible folder on your computer.

Choose the location to save the extracted image from the video

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