Twitch TV: How to create an account and change username

Twitch TV is the most famous streaming gaming portal currently. The service, available on Android and iPhone (iOS) and on the site (, has thousands of channels that talk about games like Riot Games' League of Legends (LoL) and Epic's Fortnite Games. In addition, various modes of esports also use the platform to broadcast live tournaments. Want to create an account and browse Twitch channels and streams? See the following tutorial on how to sign up for the service and how to change your username.

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Twitch TV

Step 1. Access the platform website through the Twitch TV download at;

Visit the Twitch TV website by downloading the

Step 2. On the site, click the "register" button, located on the top bar;

Locate the "register" button on the top bar

Step 3. Here, you can create an account by entering the requested data or connect to Facebook. To use Facebook, click directly on the blue button, written "connect with Facebook". It will open a window where Facebook will ask for permissions. Just keep going;

You can sign up for Twitch or use your Facebook account.

Step 4. For both accounts linked to Facebook as unlinked accounts, you need to create a username and password. At the end, click on "register";

Advance after entering the requested data

Ready! Now you can use Twitch and follow your favorite channels and streamers. The service also has the Prime version, with some benefits as exclusive items in games.

Twitch TV also allows you to change your username in the platform settings. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1. On the top bar, click the white arrow, just to the right of your username;

Click the arrow in the image

Step 2. In the menu that will open, select "settings";

Access Settings

Step 3. In the profile settings, navigate to the "display name" section and enter the name you want;

Change the display name in the indicated text box

Step 4. Finally, save the settings to keep the new username.

Save settings

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