Using the iOS 12 Measurement app

IOS 12 has won a new application that lets you measure physical objects using the iPhone camera. With the Measure program, Apple added the augmented reality element in the system, giving the user the ability to plot points and perform various measurements with the camera. In addition to determining the size, depth, and width of any object, the app enables the user to take a picture of what was measured. In this way, it is possible to send an image with measurements by e-mail, messengers or social networks.

To test the app, we use an upgraded iPhone 7 with the new version of Apple's mobile system. Check out, in the tutorial we've prepared, how to use the new iOS 12 Measure app with your iPhone or iPad.

Tutorial shows how to use the Measure app to measure physical objects with the iPhone camera

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Step 1. Open the Measure app and use the camera to frame the object you want to measure. Move the camera until the tool is calibrated.

Action for the Measure app to identify objects on iOS 12

Step 2. Place the white dot on one end of the object and touch the "+" icon. Then move the camera to another end and touch the "+" icon again.

Action to start app skew Measure iOS 12

Step 3. Create a point on the straight line you just defined. At this point, a new line can be traced to the other corner of the object. To proceed, mark with a point to end.

Connecting points to measure objects in the app Measure iOS 12

Step 4. Create a new point over the edge. Then take the straight to the bottom of the object and create a new point.

Action to link points to measure an object with the iOS 12 Measure app

Step 5. Connect the last line with the first point to finalize the measurement of the object.

Action to finalize the measurement of an object with the new app Measure iOS 12

Step 6. Move the camera away to see the subject's measurements and touch the white circle icon at the bottom of the screen to save a photo with that data in the phone's picture library.

Action to take a photo with measures created with the iOS 12 Measure app

Use the hint to measure spaces, movels, the height of people and other objects using the iPhone camera.

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