Which movie to watch today? Site helps couples decide; see how to use

The Date Night online service is a free platform to recommend movies to couples looking for a weekend home theater. The site allows two people to choose their favorite movies and, from there, presents similar results for the combination. The recommendations are highlighted in Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and other streaming services. The tool does not need registration and has no use limit.

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Tutorial shows how to use the Date Night service to receive movie suggestions to watch with

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If they choose, users can save their chosen suggestions and check on which platforms the movies are available to watch on the web. The service features quick links to access content on other sites. The Date Night site is ideal for the most indecisive people who have a hard time picking a choice among the variety of feature films. Here's how to use Date Night in the following tutorial.

Step 1. Go to the Date Night website and click one of the "Pick Your Movie" buttons;

Start searching for a suggestion for the online service Date Night

Step 2. Enter the name of a preferred movie in the displayed field and tap the corresponding result;

Choose a favorite movie from the Date Night online service

Step 3. Ask your company to choose another option. To do this, click on "Pick Their Movie";

Specify a second favorite movie in the Date Night service to make the combination

Step 4. Enter the name of the movie and click on the corresponding result;

Click on the second movie chosen in the online service Date Night

Step 5. The service will indicate suggestions based on the preferred movies indicated. You can navigate through the titles and select one of them by clicking the mouse. Then tap on the "Watchlist" button to save the recommendation. Do the same with other titles indicated by the service, if you want;

Navigate through the displayed options and save as many as you want in the Date Night wish list

Step 6. To check the movies chosen to watch sent to the wish list, click the "Watchlist" button at the top right of the screen;

Open the Date Night wish list to see saved titles

Step 7. Next, see where you can find the movie to rent or watch online for a streaming service. The site indicates quick links to these services. Tap on them to be redirected to the corresponding movie page.

Movies saved on the wish list of the Online Date Night service can be accessed dynamically

Ready. Take the tip to get movie suggestions and enjoy next to your company.

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