App to cool mobile: learn how to use dfndr security on Android

Dfndr security is a free PSafe application for Android that allows you to optimize your phone. In a few taps, the tool performs various tasks that improve the overall performance of Google's operating system. This includes terminating unused processes that remain run in the background to free up RAM and erase useless files in order to make room for new content. The application is ideal for use in old appliances, which become slow and warm after some time of use.

In the following tutorial, learn how to use dfndr security to optimize your Android phone. The procedure was performed on a Moto E4 with Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but the tips are valid for any device with the Google system. Please note that the app is exclusive to Google Play users and is therefore not available for Apple's iPhone (iOS).

Android Trick Leaves Cell Phone Faster and Releases RAM

Learn how to use the dfndr security app to optimize your Android phone

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Step 1. Install dfndr security on your mobile phone through the webpage. Once you open the app for the first time, tap "Start" and when the premium version of the tool is offered, touch "Not now" to continue without signing;

Do the initial configuration of dfndr security

Step 2. On the application start screen, click "Accelerate" to do a general optimization on Android, which includes closing the apps in the background and cleaning up the unused files;

Accelerate mobile performance with dfndr security

Step 3. If your cell phone usually warms up after some time of use, the "Cool CPU" tool can help solve the problem. The feature scans and terminates apps running in the background to lower the temperature;

Cool the mobile CPU with dfndr security

Step 4. In "Quick Clean", you can delete useless files that accumulate on your phone. Then go to "Next";

Remove useless files with dfndr security

Step 5. If this is the first time you use the feature, you must allow the app access to the files available on the device. To do this, press "Allow" and wait until the process is finished;

Allow the dfndr security app to access your files

Step 6. Back to the dfndr security home screen, go to "Quick Anti-Virus" to check for viruses in your phone's applications. The process may take time to complete, depending on the number of files;

Check for viruses on your phone with dfndr security

Step 7. dfndr security can also automatically alert you to fake sites and news. To do this, open "Fake News Alert" and click "Activate";

Turn on site alert and bogus notifications with the dfndr security app

Step 8. The Android accessibility settings will open. From there, tap "dfndr security", activate the function and confirm by touching "OK";

Allow the dfndr security app to have special mobile access

Step 9. Access the "Tools" tab to see all available resources in dfndr security. In the list, the user finds cleaning, protection, performance improvement and privacy features.

Dfndr security full function menu

Ready. Enjoy the tips to use the free dfndr security app and optimize your Android phone.

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