Checking the battery life on iOS 11.3

Apple launched iOS 11.3 on Thursday (29) after a long period of testing. The new version of the system has as main highlight a feature that allows you to check battery integrity and disable performance reduction to avoid unexpected shutdowns. The update is available for all compatible devices - from the iPhone 5S, plus iPads and iPod touch.

The release also features new Animojis for the iPhone X, medical record in the Health application, more detailed information on privacy and improvements in Apple Music and the App Store. Here's how to check the battery life on iOS 11.3

iOS 11.3 lets you check the iPhone's battery life

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Checking Battery Integrity

Step 1. From the iPhone application menu, go to "Settings" and touch "Battery".

Open the battery settings

Step 2. Go to "Battery Health" and check the item "Maximum Capacity".

Checking battery capacity

If it's 100%, it means your iPhone battery is perfect. The lower the percentage, the greater the wear. If the battery is heavily worn, iOS will automatically reduce processor performance to prevent unexpected shutdowns. However, you will have the option to disable this feature.

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