Destiny 2: How to Complete the Challenge Which Witch

Destiny 2 is the FPS game developed by Bungie and launched by Activision for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The title is constantly growing, with expansions, unique missions and challenges, and difficult-to-complete missions. Check out the complete tutorial on how to complete the "Which Witch" challenge:

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The "Which Witch" mission is a Shuro Chi battle raid that consists of not being hit by your shots at any point in the fight. Unfortunately that depends a little on luck, but there are methods to facilitate the achievement of the achievement, as we will explain below.

New enemies in Destiny 2

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Step 1. You can only enable the challenge if your clan is at level four, so it's no use trying to get on the mission before that. If you're starting your Destiny 2 campaign now, focus on earning a lot of experience by playing with your friends.

To face Shuro Chi, you must have a clan on level four

Just progress on missions and join group activities to strengthen it, with at least two active members to start gaining clan experience, then form a loyal and trustworthy group as soon as possible;

Step 2. Once you form your clan, Suraya Hawthorne will present you with a clan banner, plus measure your progress each season and give gifts for completed missions such as rare equipment with great attributes.

Go to the tower and talk to Suraya to receive the Shuro Chi raid.

You need to talk to Suraya to get the Quest Witch quest, and the character can easily be found on the left side of the Tower at any point in the game;

Step 3. Shuro Chi only has two attack patterns and fortunately can not issue the two attacks at the same time. Therefore, take advantage of all possible loopholes to deal damage to the enemy.

Shuro Chi can not hit your projectiles at you at all, or the challenge fails

When Shuro Chi performs push attacks with jostling, rest assured that there is no problem in taking such damage. Such attacks do not have any impact on the achievement of the Qual Witch challenge;

Step 4. There are several pieces of scenery, such as rocky structures and vegetation, that can be used as a cover, which is a great idea, so decorate the map and use it to your advantage.

Always be on the move to dodge the bursts of Shuro Chi

Always stay on the move and avoid being surprised by Shuro Chi teleports. Ensure that the rest of the team is also hidden, since only one member is hit by projectiles for the challenge to fail;

Step 5. In every step of the fight, be careful with Ads, the lackeys that can infest the screen in case the team does not eliminate them promptly.

Use the cover and eliminate the lackeys before aiming at the main boss

While taking care of the rays of Shuro Chi, it is necessary to clean the screen of Ads as soon as possible, since this helps to pay more attention to the rays of the witch;

Step 6. Since the trajectory of Shuro Chi attacks is quite unstable, and Destiny 2's collision system does not always accurately detect attacks, you may have to face the witch several times until you succeed.

Decorate the patterns. Shuro Chi usually shoots as soon as the main door is opened

Take it easy, patience, and enjoy the various attempts to memorize some patterns. For example, sometimes Shuro Chi already attacks as soon as the first door of the fight is opened, then enter the room from the sides.

With training and the above tips, you will soon be able to defeat the witch and meet the challenge. When you do, return to Suraya at the Tower to reap your reward.

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