Discover WhatsApp Status, little known function that overrun Instagram

WhatsApp Status, a messenger function that copies Instagram Stories with posts that pop in 24 hours, stole the scene around the world: launched in 2017, adds 450 million active users per day, against 300 million in Instagram stories. The latter, it should be remembered, was "inspired" in Snapchat, which has 191 million active accounts daily.

As with other temporary posts tools, WhatsApp users can post videos, photos, GIFs and stylized text to a feed within the messenger - and content can still be edited with the inclusion of filters, stickers, and annotations. Next, understand the details about the role that caused controversy in the last year.

How to use the new WhatsApp status function

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Status vs Scrap

The "status" function has existed in WhatsApp since it was released in 2009, but in a different way. In its first version, the feature was meant to tell the contacts what the user was doing at that moment. And so it was until 2017 when the temporary posts were released.

From there, the original resource had the name changed to "message". In it, the user can enter up to 139 characters or select an already ready message, such as "Available", "Busy", "In the cinema", "At work" or "Battery about to end".

Privacy and Security

By default, WhatsApp Status is public, which means that anyone in your contacts can see the posts. However, anyone who uses the app for both personal and business purposes may prefer that not everyone has access to that content. To change the privacy of the Status, simply access the settings of the resource and decide which contacts will not see the temporary posts.

It's also a good idea to check your smartphone's contact list and delete numbers you have not talked to in a long time, and from outlets. So, only friends and family will have access to your Status.

WhatsApp: Curious status functions

How to download a friend's Status

Like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, Status does not allow users to download videos and photos of others natively. However, there are a number of third-party apps, such as File Manager, that add this function to the application.

It's important to be aware of the source of applications that include extra features because some of them are malicious and can carry viruses to WhatsApp in order to get important user input or undue charges.

WhatsApp Status: how to download photos and videos from friends

How to Make Creative Statuses

There are a number of softwares that help those users who want to be creative. You can download a photo editing program, such as LightX, PicsArt, Cymera, Photor or Photo Grid, to insert extra filters, make assemblies and put effects into images.

You can also use music software and hide the camera to publish your favorite songs. Lastly, anyone who does not want to miss a contact status update can opt to add a widget with functionality on the system home screen - available only for iPhone (iOS).

How to put a song in WhatsApp status

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