DNS Benchmark indicates faster DNS for your Internet; learn how to use

DNS Benchmark is a free program for Windows that helps you choose the ideal DNS for your Internet connection. DNS services speed the connection on the web because they can speed up the identification of the IPs of accessed websites and thus influence the reduction of the opening time of pages. The software analyzes the top servers and defines which delivery performs best in each region.

The server configured by default on the machine is not always the most suitable, so the user must find the fastest one on the spot alone. Here's how to figure out the best DNS.

How to configure DNS in Windows 10

Step 1. Download and install DNS Benchmark on your computer. Open the software and click the "Nameservers" tab;

Access the DNS list of the DNS Benchmark program

Step 2. Click on "Run Benchmark" to start the automatic DNS verification process;

Start the DNS check in the DNS Benchmark program

Step 3. The process may take a few minutes to complete. The program will make requests to the DNS services and measure the response time of each one, as well as check which ones have the most up-to-date database. Track progress in the top bar;

Wait for the best DNS check for your connection to the DNS Benchmark

Step 4. At the end, the DNS Benchmark will show the listed servers in descending order of speed. Make sure that "Sort Fastest First" above the list is checked. Then, copy the DNS address faster in the first column and use in the DNS settings of the phone or computer.

Copy the address of the best DNS displayed by the DNS Benchmark and use it on PC and mobile phone

Ready. Take advantage of the tips and use the DNS Benchmark to find the best Internet connection.

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