How to create items and repair equipment in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, medieval RPG for PS4, Xbox One and PC (download via Steam), weapons and armor break with use and become ineffective in combat. Henry's life has a slow regeneration, so it's important to have potions and keep your equipment in good condition. Here's how to create, repair items, and learn new skills.

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How to Repair Equipment

The simplest way to repair equipment is with a salesperson. Each item needs a specific NPC: take your damaged weapons to a gunsmith (swordsmith or blacksmith), armor for blacksmiths and tailor clothing.

Equipment is damaged after use in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Paying for a repair is fast and convenient, but it's also the most expensive way. The price varies according to the quality of the item or fabric. That is, the better the piece, the more money you will have to spend to repair. At some point in the game, Henry will have to learn how to repair his equipment himself to protect himself.

How to learn maintenance

The maintenance skill allows Henry to repair his own equipment. Aside from being a much cheaper method, you will not be dependent on stores or merchants to make adjustments.

The maintenance skill allows Henry to fix equipment in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The easiest way to acquire this capability is by using stones to grindstone. They are found near blacksmiths or stores that sell such materials. The tool works like a mini game, in which Henry teases the weapons to repair his damages.

Use the grinder to train and repair weapons in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The grinder trick is simple. If sparks come out you're doing it right . If smoke appears, it is wrong and will damage your equipment.

Leave the gun in a fixed position and tap it several times on the grinder. Control the pressure and use the directional keys to move the weapon to sharpen all sides. Repeat until the equipment is in perfect condition. This information appears in your inventory.

The spark is an indicator that the weapon is being repaired in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Henry can also find or buy kits that make repairs. They are available in two versions, one small and one full size. The smaller one allows simpler repairs and has a shorter limit of use. The other one is more expensive, but it makes bigger repairs.

The kits come in two formats, to fix equipment and clothing in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Another way to learn maintenance is through training . In exchange for a sum of money, Henry can learn the skill with blacksmiths or gunsmiths. The amount varies by the level you want to learn, however, there is always room to bargain for the price.

Henry can get training to learn maintenance in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

How to buy or create potions

Potions are not magic, but they will save your life in Kingdom Come. Henry can acquire them in two ways: buying or producing. In the apothecary you will find recipes and materials for sale to create antidotes, poisons and a special drink to save the game .

You can buy or create potions in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

To make these potions, Henry needs the skills of alchemy and reading . Learning to read is essential to understanding the recipes that are in the alchemy season. Look for the scribe in the town of Uzhitz and pay 50 groschen to receive the proper training.

How to Learn Alchemy (alchemy)

In the town of Rattay, look for the apothecary and ask him to do his training. You will receive the first level of alchemy and you can already venture into the small station at the back of the store.

Use the alchemy station to make potions in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The manufacturing part is not just gathering the items and pushing a button. You will have to mix, grind and heat the materials in the correct order to get the final product. Reading will allow you to use the cookbook that is on the go to guide you if you forget the materials.

Check out, below, an example of a potion to learn how the alchemy table step by step works. The recipe comes from Savior Schnapps, an alcoholic beverage that serves to save the game at any time.

How to Make Savior Schnapps

Step 1. At the station, select Nettle and Belladonna in inventory;

Use a portion of Nettle and two of Belladonna to make Savior Schnapps

Step 2. Put wine in the cauldron;

Take the wine on the shelf and pour into the cauldron

Step 3. Mix a portion of Nettle into the cauldron;

Throw a portion of Nettle into the cauldron with wine

Step 4. Light the fire and turn the hourglass;

Light the cauldron fire to boil the mixture

Step 5. Press the fire button one more time so it does not turn off. The mixture should cook for an hour of the hourglass;

Let the cooking mixture until the time of the hourglass ends

Step 6. Place two hands of Belladonna on the grinder plate;

Savior Schnapps recipe calls for two servings of Belladonna

Step 7. Use the wood grinder to grind the plant;

Belladonna needs to be ground to get into the recipe

Step 8. Finally, add Belladonna to the mixture and heat the fire again;

Join Belladonna in the recipe to finish the potion.

Step 9. Use one of the vials to store the new potion.

Use the empty bottle to finish the manufacturing process.

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