Fortnite Battle Royale: Learn how to use the Battle Pass to win items

Fortnite: Battle Royale has a very distinct evolutionary system, whether it's on PS4, Xbox One, PC (see download requirements on PC), Nintendo Switch or iOS. The game of Epic Games allows you to progress in two different ways using the so-called Battle Pass, which can be bought or used for free. With it, all players have a chance to win special and exclusive items and equipment, but are only cosmetic and do not influence gameplay.

The system can be a bit confusing for those who are now coming up with the title of action and survival, so we explain its operation as follows:

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What is the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass is a way to update the game every season. It has two categories: silver and gold. Silver is free and supplied to all. With it, you earn items and decorative - but very few. Gold already costs $ 10, or about $ 35, depending on the platform you choose, and it comes with some "toast" bonuses.

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Once the user chooses to purchase the Gold Battle Pass, he already gains two skins, alternate visuals, and an experience bonus.

Battle Pass grants skins and other items in Fortnite

How to evolve the Battle Pass

Here we have the great secret of Fortnite: Battle Royale. The game has two distinct evolutionary forms: the player's account and the level of the Battle Pass. The account evolves with experience points, according to in-game achievements - such as eliminating more people or surviving to the end. Already the Battle Pass evolves by a different bar, called "Category", that goes up to level 100.

Fortnite Battle Pass goes up to level 100

Each category represents one level, and to reach the next level, you need to collect 10 stars. They are obtained in a variety of ways, but there are two ways to achieve them quickly and in practical terms:

Achieve stars with experience : each new level of the user account gives you a certain amount of stars, which serve to increase the Battle Pass Category.

Achieve stars by completing challenges : In Fortnite Battle Royale, players can check challenges available in the starting menu of matches and complete the requirements to receive stars as a reward. The goals can be, for example, to eliminate 10 players with a pistol or to play a match with a friend.

The stars obtained from these two modes vary in quantity. Do not expect to focus on just one goal. The idea is to play and go by completing as many requirements as possible.

It is possible to evolve the Battle pass with challenges in Fortnite

The rules described above also work for the Silver Battle Pass. But since it's free, it delivers far fewer items.

Buying the Pass on different platforms

Battle Passes are sold only by V-Bucks, which is the currency valid within Fortnite. However, V-Bucks are bought with real money.

What is worth noting is that V-Bucks purchased on one platform are worth the other if you have associated your accounts on the official game site.

The Fortnite Battle Pass is purchased with V-Bucks

So, for example, if the user buys V-Bucks at the iOS Fortnite, the money will be valid for the PS4 version, if the cell phone and the console are associated with the game site.

Account evolution is one on all partner platforms. Throughout the game, climbing categories, you can get free V-Bucks.

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